Monday, September 29, 2014

Cooper: A Poem on Roster Cuts

The Lightning have made twenty-five cuts at camp, leaving twenty-eight on the roster. There are five more cuts to be made, with a few spots available. Here's Tampa Bay's head coach Jon Cooper reading a spontaneous beat poem about camp cuts in the Tampa Bay Times:

Everyone has earned the right to be here
There are spots open.
And I think the guys in there know it.

There's competition we have with other teams in this league
but there's competition we have inside our locker room.
This is the week to get after it.

You have to learn,
'Can these guys be call-ups?
Can they be legitimate call-ups?'

That's where you have to gauge
getting a little chemistry
between this player and this player,
can they keep up?

It happens every year,
you go with,
'This is pretty much our group,'
and you go into a Vegas casino and say,
'I'm going to put money that this is the group
we're going to come out with,'

And, sure enough,
after a week in camp
that's not the group you're coming out with.

But it's a good problem to have.

That means guys are stepping up
and you want to take a closer look.
And competition is healthy.

(Quotes taken from the Tampa Bay Times)

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Refreshing the Blog for the New Season

Okay. Deep breath. I'm rebranding "Frozen Sheets Hockey" from being a blog that focuses on the  Tampa Bay Lightning to one that deals in hockey poetry, for some stupid reason.

Why? Because I feel like it. I don't devote nearly the time to blogging that I used to because I'm tied up with other pursuits, but I enjoyed the hell out of doing the Free Verse Poetry Game Recaps last year. I'm still going to do those, and I'm going to do a few other things as well, probably focusing on some hockey history.

Some will be short, some will be long. Many will be repurposed from quotations by players, coaches and others. I will always try to cite my sources in those cases.

Over the last few years the header on this blog has said "Timeless. Iconic. Flipping a switch." The timeless-iconic thing came from Steve Yzerman, and the specifications he gave when the Lightning were looking for a new logo. The flipping-switch thing came from then-Washington Capitals forward Mike Knuble after Game Three of the Eastern Conference Semi-Final against the Lightning. He was talking about the Lightning's ability to score and come from behind.

 So in honor of that, I give you the first poem on the rebranded Frozen Sheets Hockey:

"Flipping a Switch"

They are
when they want
to get
a goal.

It’s like
they just
snap their fingers
hit a button.

It’s like
they flip a switch.

I don’t know
what it is

(adapted from quotations by Mike Knuble,

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