Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Marty Says": A Poem

Marty says
"I love Tampa
I really do"

Marty says
"I understand
I do

Marty says
it was about the Olympic team
he was devastated
his confidence was crushed

Marty says
he was disrespected by his boss
and the trust was broken

Marty says
"You think I turned my back?
Turned my back

Marty says
"I was there 13, 14 years
Was there anyone more loyal to them
in those 14 years?"

Marty says
"My time in Tampa
I gave everything I had

Marty says
"Who was more loyal?"

let's see

Every single player
who was under contract
and did not

request a trade

to a Conference rival

in the middle

of a playoff drive





This poem was written using quotations from Tom Jones' article at tampabay.com.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Free Verse Poetry: Cooper's Season in Review

The Tampa Bay Lightning had their exit interviews on Thursday, and Clark Brooks from Raw Charge was there to document the whole thing. Here's Lightning Head Coach Jon Cooper talking about his team and their playoff loss in Free Verse Poetry:

If I look at our team as a whole
I think we've got a lot of fire
a lot of youth.

Our team speed
is in the upper echelon
in the league.

I think defensively
we could have been a little harder.
And that's not just on our defensemen
that's our forwards.

I think we play really hard
but sometimes
we're not as hard
to play against
as we needed to be

and I think if we'd advanced in the playoffs
it would have been
much more difficult for us
to keep going
just because

we had a little bit more
in our game
than we did

And when you get
to the playoffs
there are times
when you have to



That's something you can't change overnight
and I think you get better at that
as players

Source text courtesy Raw Charge. Follow @RawCharge and @clarkbrooks.